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Can you legally evict a family member whom you took pitty on, but now regret?

Homer Glen, IL |

This family member doesn't not contribute to any house hold duties, nor do they contribute funds.....they refuse to bathe, as well as insist on bring spoiled raw meat and milk into the house for their consumsion only, when the home owner has repeately stated it wasn't allowed in the home.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Sure, assuming the person is not your child and you are not the person's guardian. (I.E. you can't throw your ten year old out of the house). Assuming this is your uncle (for example), and he has no lease agreement with you (verbal or written, i.e. he has not been paying you monthly to stay there) you can simply ask the person to leave, lock them out, etc. You can contact the police if the person refuses to leave. If you have some type of lease agreement, you really need to provide a 30-day notice of termination in writing, and if he has not left after receiving the notice, you can file an eviction suit with the court to obtain a court order requiring him to leave. Just because the person is a family member does not give them a magic right to squat in your home (except as I said in the case of your child).