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Can you leave/travel while out on bond to another state when charged for domestic violence in Texas?

El Paso, TX |

I pressed charges on my domestic partner for assaulting me and he is a Truck driver. Can he travel?

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Probably not out of state based on the standard bond conditions. If this is a misdemeanor case and he needs to travel for work purposes, though, I think most judges would allow him to do that unless he has some prior history of not showing up for court. His attorney will need to ask the court to modify his bond conditions to permit that. He'll also have to work that issue out with his bondsman, who might be a little anxious about not being able to keep as close tabs on him as they could if he stayed here. He may end up with some additional conditions like making him send in a notification before each time he leaves saying where he's going, when he's going and coming back, and how he can be reached while he's gone, but as long as all that gets complied with, it should work out.


Most of the judges in El Paso County will allow you to travel for work purposes so long as you will be available for your next court date. Your attorney will know what to do to ask the court for permission.

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He will need to check his bond conditions and talk with his bail bondsman for any specific conditions. Because it is work and not personal travel it is probably acceptable, but at the least his bondsman will want/need to know.

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