Can you help me with issue regarding a class action lawsuit settlement check problem I'm having PLEASE?! I'm getting ripped off!

Asked 9 months ago - North Hills, CA

I don't have a bank acct. So, my boyfriend offered to help me cash the check by signing it over to him and putting it thru his acct. w/ Bank of America. He deposited the check thru the ATM at his bank.Later we found out Bank of America does'nt cash 3rd party checks and they sent a 'legal copy'of check back to my boyfriend. Now I was really having trouble cashing it.So, I called the bank it was out of-,they gave me another number to call,I called and spoke w/2 people,One was a supervisor They would'nt discuss anything re: the check untill they asked me ?"s to verify the iinfo. they had on record Everything was verified-name address, amt of check I received.I explained issue ,asked 4 reissue of ck so i could cash at a ck cashing place.Had to wait on a call back from them-they asked me to fa

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I faxed 'legal copy'of ck- as I was asked to .Then they try to tell me ck was a fraud -they wouldn't be able to reissue me a c-k. I was told by the bank the check was written out of -the acct. on the check was correct etc.. and 'B of A" said that the check was good -it would just take 3-5 days to clear-out of state ck.Also, approx. a yr ago -received notice in mail re:Class action lawsuit - the amount I would get if granted was OVER $2,000.00+ .Amt. received was $1,950.50-this was also the amt on record that was verified when called to request help with problem I was having etc. I still have the 'legal copy' of the check and B of A can surely verify they saw the original etc. .Something isn't right here for sure!! Can somebody tell what to do/help me to recover my settlement award money? The ckis a true check sent to me-nobody sent it -asked for money out of it or anything like what happens with online scams etc. It was just a check sent to me re: class action lawsuit .-no fraud involved.

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  1. Athina Karamanlis Powers


    Contributor Level 17

    Answered . verification of not cashing the check must be made . Most of the times takes up to 30 or even 60 days

    Disclaimer:Attorney and Fraud Examiner.One of few that are Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE). The information... more

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