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Can you help me get my wife of over 9 years & our 8 year old son from the Philippines to the U.S. this year .

Coldwater, MI |

I have tried & failed several ways to bring my wife & son to the U.S. from the Philippines . WE were married over there they both have current Philippine Passports. I think the main reason for me not being able to get them here is my tax situation having not filed for several years. I am now 65 & have been on Social Security for 2 years but still work part time so I can pay my bills here as well as support my family over there. My wife is 42 has a college degree but hasn't used it for several years & speaks 4 languages. A friend of mine has offered her a job as soon as she gets here via a phone conversation . With me working part time her working full time & my Social Security they will NOT BE on Welfare or be a financial burden to our government . Can you help us to get them here .

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  1. If your tax return doesn't show that you made $23,862 in 2011, then you need a financial co-sponsor. A job offer for her isn't good enough.

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  2. You will need a joint sponsor if you do not meet the minimum income regardless of whether she gets a job.

  3. You should make an appointment with an immigration attorney in your area to determine what options your wife has right now.

    If you are already a U.S. Citizen, you should speak with an attorney about how to best present your financial information to show that your family can support itself, or find a co-sponsor.

    If you are here on a green card, then your wife will have a very long wait, unfortunately. If you become a citizen, then there is no wait, just the time for processing. However, you will need to get your taxes straightened out before you can naturalize to become a U.S. Citizen.

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