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Can you have a aggravated stalking charge expunged from your records if you were convicted?

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This person had the charges ajudacated for aggravated stalking charges and was put on probation for 5 years, then one night him and his girlfriend were out to dinner out of the county he was put on probation, he was arrested for going out of the county while on probabtion this was violating probation and now the charges were considered felony conviction. will he be able to gets these charges expunged?

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  1. If he entered into a plea agreement that resulted in an adjudication of guilt or a with-hold of adjudication of guilt then he would not be able to expunge his record no matter what offense he was charged with. The fact that he was on probation makes it almost certain that such an agreement was entered into. If he has been adjudicated guilty he cannot seal his record.

    I believe aggravated stalking is one of the charges that cannot be sealed or expunged in any case, barring exceptional circumstances and a judicial order.

  2. This charge, even if adjudication was withheld, is not eligible to be sealed or expunged.

  3. It is state specific. In the State of Florida, you are unable to expunge an aggravated stalking, even if adjudication is withheld. If you are inquiring about another state, you should contact an attorney practicing in that state for advice.

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