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Can you give examples of what could be the grounds of being granted a permanent restraining order in California

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the domestic violence restraining order filed is based on threats and I would like to know what would be enough and valid reason to grant someone that. Does it have to be ongoing or just once could be enough reason to be granted a restraining order. Also, what an imminent threat constitutes...imminent as in what. Thanks!

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A serious injury including but not limited to broken bones, stitches, bleeding, etc. One time should be enough. Imminent as in likely to occur at any moment; impending: Her death is imminent, i.e. close in time.

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Thanks. You said a serious about one threat by mail which occurred just once and long time ago. Will that also be considered as imminent or serious if I do not even know where the person lives, so how could I pose an imminent threat not knowing the whereabouts. The funny thing is that that person has concealed the address on court documents so that i will not know the whereabouts, BUT simultaneously claiming that I am going to kill that person lol..the fact that they are keeping their whereabouts secret while claiming i know where they live shows that the person is bluffing...otherwise if i know your whereabouts then why chose a PO Box address on the court documents if I already 'know' the whereabouts.



sorry, I meant email, not mail.

Michael Kevin Cernyar

Michael Kevin Cernyar


A year ago is not imminent. However, it be considered "ongoing" if there are additional alleged events. If it occurred over a year ago and there was only one, then you should consider consulting an attorney. You don't want the court to take away your liberties for something like this.


Usually multiple incidents of domestic violence without bodily injury, but with destruction of property. However, one incident could be enough if there were significant injuries, children were present during the incident, a weapon was used or threatened to be used, Safety of children is a big concern and a restraining order protecting them would also be a good idea.

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Most courthouses provide free assistance with these applications if you cannot hire an attorney.

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