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Can you get two tickets, on the same day, for the same thing?

San Leandro, CA |

My car was parked in San Francisco CA, and I was ticketed for not having a license plate on the front of my car. Two hours later got pulled over for the same thing. (P.S. I purchased the car in Arizona where plate is only required on the back of car. Didn't know this CA law).

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Next time let the officer know you just received a ticket for the same thing 2 hours ago and you are going to get it fixed. Most officers won't write another ticket.

But since it's too late for that, you should order the extra front plate and install it. Then get an officer so sign off both fix it tickets. Then take both tickets to court and let the Judge know you got them with in 2 hours of each other. Most judges will dismiss one and you will have to pay an administrative fee for the other one.

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Wow, that was super fast. I already got my new plate and will follow your advice. Thank you so very much!!!


Two fix it tickets on the same day will usually result in one getting dismissed. Set them both on the same day in court.

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