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Can you get arrested for soliciting a prostitute in an email or a text mssg

Longmeadow, MA |

was in a brief email and txt messages but decided not too meat woman and didn't exchange any money or engage in any act

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Yes. The police often do stings and pretend to be prostitutes on craigslist. I have represented many clients for this exact situation.

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"...a brief email and txt messages..."

Solicitation is not sex, it is communication seeking sex for money. It appears you did that. Therefore, you could be so charged.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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Obviously the content of the emails / texts are important, but based on what you have written, you can be charged. You should discuss this with an attorney and refrain from posting any more information on this site.

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What if there is no mention of sex in the text but the person who texted the woman merely asked if they could see each other and said that he had $500 on him, is this enough to be charged and convicted of solicitation of prostitution? Perhaps the person (texter) was just looking for a dinner date, could the intentions of the texter be misconstrued to the point of convicting them for soliciting sex even if they never explicitly mentioned sex in their text message?

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