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Can you get a restraining order for someone in another state?

Smyrna, GA |

I'm in GA & was in a relationship w/a man in NC. I tried ending things in May 2012, but he has not let go. I've blocked his phone #'s, emails, facebook, etc, but he still *67's his number and tries to call. He has other people email me, and yesterday he created a fake facebook account and pretended to be a stranger trying to be my friend. I KNOW it's him b/c he said things a stranger wouldn't know about me. I had a lawyer friend of mine send a cease & desist to stop contacting me last month, but it isn't working apparently. Can you get a restraining order from another state? Which law/courts do you use? Please help; I'm getting a little nervous...

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You should contact a domestic attorney in Georgia and see if the restraining order can be obtained here. If he is threatening you, I would suggest you contact the district attorney or solicitors office.