Can you get a bond for a capias for probation violation first offence for not keeping in contact with the probation officer?

My husband was arrested for a capias. He is on probation but did not report as ordered to his p.o. Can he get a bond?

Waynesboro, VA -

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Jonathan Preston Fisher

Jonathan Preston Fisher

Criminal Defense Attorney - Blacksburg, VA

Yes you can get a bond. It's up to the Judge whether to give one. You should get a lawyer to help you with a bond hearing.

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James Stanton Abrenio

James Stanton Abrenio

Criminal Defense Attorney - Fairfax, VA

I agree. He can request bond. But the court will consider why he didnt report, his criminal record, whether he has local connections, etc. The better question is whether he wants it. He may want to talk to his attorney about staying in for a period of time to show good faith to the court for not reporting. Because if he gets bond and fails to report again, it will be a new violation. These situations can get sticky and snow ball and before you know it, he's looking at all of his suspended time being imposed.

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