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Can you find a trust fund with just a name?

Can i locate my trust fund if all i have is my name? I know its under my name etc and that it exists. Or the names of guardianships etc? what other information would i need to locate the trust fund?

Denver, CO -

Attorney Answers (4)

Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

Trusts Attorney - Stamford, CT

Due to privacy laws, no bank or brokerage firm is going to provide you with any trust information unless you are the Trustee. Accordingly, your better bet is to talk with the person(s) who you believe established the trust about the terms of the underlying trust document and, most importantly, try to determine who is acting as the Trustee (or Trustees, as the case may be). Once you have that information, if you have reached the age of 18, the Trustee(s) should be willing to communicate with you about the trust and provide you with the trust agreement. Finally, if you have the resources, hiring an attorney to protect your interest in the trust is certainly warranted. Good luck to you.

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Joseph Franklin Pippen Jr.

Joseph Franklin Pippen Jr.

Estate Planning Attorney - Largo, FL

Attorney Panowski has nailed the answer.
You would do well to follow his advice.

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Timothy Edward Kalamaros

Timothy Edward Kalamaros

Trusts Attorney - Mishawaka, IN

Mr Pankowski covered well the initial considerations. Dont waste time with the prosecutor's office that will not get you very far. Nor the banks which are restricted by privacy laws. either get the info from the trustee or hire a lawyer to tackle the problem for you. Understand that a SNT is discretionary distribution to the beneficiary and one can't usually compel anything out of one.

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Charles Adam Shultz

Charles Adam Shultz

Trusts Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

You mention a special needs trust. If that is the case, its irrevocable and would need a taxpayer identification number and would file tax returns. In addition, if this was set up through a court process in settlement or otherwise, the court file should have valuable information.

As the others have said, locate a good attorney in the county where you believe the trustee is or where there were other proceedings.

Good Luck

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