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Can you fight a CYS safety plan?

Altoona, PA |

My sister has an infant son who was put on a safety plan due to my sisters life being in shambles with the law, etc. The issue is, CYS put our mother in charge of the safety plan. Our mother was a physically and emotionally abusive alcoholic who abandoned three of us when we were minors. Due to our past, I havent spoken to my mother in years as she will never change. When CYS put her in charge of the safety plan, I made contact via facebook because I want to be part of my nephews life. My mother has refused to let me see him, I believe due to the fact that I won't have a relationship with her. Can I fight my mother for custody of my nephew? I have documented proof of everything I am accusing her of. I am a federal employee who has a clear background check. HELP!

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  1. A lot of issues here. If you are concerned with the child's safety, you could contact CYS and give them this information about your mother. It might inspire them to investigate a bit further. You can let them know that you are available to help raise and care for the child. As for custody, does your sister still have custody?

  2. It sounds to me like you really need to consult with a local attorney experienced in family, including CYS, matters. I agree that you might try contacting CYS as my colleague has suggested. However, in addition, you should meet with an attorney. He or she may be able to help you navigate the treacherous CYS waters better than you are able to on your own. For several decades I've represented children and parents in CYS matters here in Delaware County, both as private counsel and as court-appointed, and know that sometimes it's hard even for the attorneys to get through all their protocols. You could really use some help.

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  3. This is not a simple question. Your sister certainly has the right to challenge this, which sounds like a voluntary agreement, not a court order. Whether you can do so independently is a more difficult question. As suggested, you can contact CYS as well as consult with a lawyer yourselfp

    This is not intended to provide legal advice about your situation - just a few casual remarks about a legal question. We are a debt relief agency helping people file for bankruptcy.

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