Can you felonies removed if they were consildated for judgement and took a plea deal?

Asked over 1 year ago - Sanford, NC

Basis details: house fire, 2 lost life, I took a plea deal instead of going to trail, 2 felony counts on involuntary manslaughter

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  1. James Donald Garrett

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    Answered . If the charges resulted in convictions, they may not be expunged.

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  2. Christopher M. Patterson

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    Answered . It sounds as though you had state charges, not federal offenses. If you plead guilty to felony offenses you can not generally get the records of them expunged. However, you may be able to apply for a pardon. If you are successful and are granted a governor's pardon, under the laws of the state where the offenses occurred you may then be eligible to have the records expunged. Speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney in the jurisdiction where you plead guilty. Good luck.

  3. Anna Morrison Goodwin


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    Answered . In the State of North Carolina you cannot expunge a felony conviction. While this has a note that it is a federal crime, it seriously appears to be a state level offense. If this occurred in NC as based on your location, then it is nearly impossible to remove this from your record other than a pardon. The only possible recourse you may have is to consult with an attorney regarding a Motion for Appropriate Relief, which can be granted under extremely limited circumstances and may possibly reopen your case. However, as the odds are not very good, you must consult with an attorney and provide all the information regarding your case, given that you agreed to plea to the charges. Even then, I sincerely doubt there is much that can be done other than a pardon.

  4. Raymond George Wigell


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    Answered . Probably not.

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