Can you bring up the same errors, in the supreme court, as were denied in the appellate court?

If so, would you have to use different caselaw or a different slant?

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Anne Whalen Gill

Anne Whalen Gill

Appeals Lawyer - Castle Rock, CO

You can raise the same errors, but you need to explain why the appelalte court's decision was wrong.

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Ronald S. Pichlik

Ronald S. Pichlik

Criminal Defense Attorney - Battle Creek, MI

Yes, you can try to raise the same issues. In fact you would have some problems trying to raise new issues that weren't raised before. You can use the same caselaw.

Kyndra L. Mulder

Kyndra L. Mulder

Criminal Defense Attorney - Jacksonville, FL

1. Yes
2. No

The best approach is to respond according to the appellate court decision regarding the same issues.

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