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Can you bring back twotwotwos (222,S) from canada into the united states

Puyallup, WA |

Dont want to take chances if its illegal

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  1. From a quick internet search, it would appear that 222 is a type of pill. This pill may contain codeine, which is a controlled substance in the United States. You would be taking a chance of getting in trouble by bringing this into the United States.

  2. No. It's not legal to bring these 222 tablets (aspirin with codeine) from Canada into the US without a valid doctor's prescription and additional strict limitations.
    Don't even think about trying to get something like this past the customs officers. I work in both criminal law and immigration deportation and I assure you that the US customs officers are quite good at what they do.
    What you can bring back at a real bargain from Canada are cases of wine. The duty is only like .10 or .20 a bottle.

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