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Can you be terminated over the phone,I had no verbal or written write up.

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I recieved a phone called the person stated who she was and went on to said as of 7/09/2009 at 4:02 PM you are terminated from this company,didn"t catch all the reason but unable to talk to her,requested that all equidment be turned in on 7/10/2009 which it was but didn't recieved any termination paper,HR stated she will mail them next week .when texting her to get a copy of the termination paper ,she threated to call authority on me.I hve never had a verbal or written warning, I am a nurse but the company never train us to be a hospice nurse or given orientation. I would like to know why I was terminated, I have worked for the company for 11 months,have never met this person and can not get any answers.

how long do it take to get your termination papers.I was informed that i will not be paid for my vacation time that was obtain before they terminated me.How can i obtain the letter of termination,it not in my file,HR said shr doesn't have it,the person that terminated me is threaten me not to contact her, still unaware of reason for termation,they didn't follow their employer handbook rules and regulation to terminate,where do i go from here,no one at the company is responding to any calls,

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Whenever I get questions regarding questionable terminations, I always ask the client "What's the real reason behind your termination?" Assuming you are not part of a union, you should really get to the heart of the termination and determine what their true motivation is.

Even if an employer terminates based upon a mistake, negligence it does not rise to the level of intentional discrimination which is what must ultimately be proven.

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