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Can you be held responsible for your spouse debt if the debt was incurred before marriage

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If six months into a marriage it is found out that your new spouse owes over $27,000 in credit card debt. Upon finding out you take over all the bills in the home so your spouse can concentrate on paying off the debt. The bills were being paid, or so you think, but the credit collectors start calling and you realize the debt has not being paid and your spouse was not contributing to the home for over a year and a half.
Can I be held responsible for this debt. should the spouse be removed as authorized user on a credit card, they don't have the card to use (on it just in case of emergency).
We have a checking account together can they come after my money in the account,

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Typically, no, a spouse is not liable for the debts of the other spouse. There is one exception which is for medical bills and other reasonably necessary expenses for the support of the spouse. However, these must be incurred while married (not before). Credit card debt does not apply.

    You would not be liable for these debts.

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  2. You are not legally responsible for the pre-marriage debts.

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