Can you adopt your own siblings? I have evidence of verbal abuse/mental cruelty in the house that my 3 little sisters live!

Asked over 2 years ago - Pensacola, FL

I am worried to call CPS- I have 3 little sisters- one is just now 19, the others are 14 and 10 years old. My mother and 2 other women have told me and govt investigators about physical, mental and verbal abuse from the father of the children- even gotten retraining orders.

They are in danger living there as the father has been in trouble wioth his job for misconduct for RAPE, physical/emotional abuse and mental cruelty. I am a direct witness/victim to the abusive tactics that this man uses......I used to live in the house and left the household at a young age.

My mother dealt with it for years before a divorce and she is so scared of him she does not want to call either. I do not beleive she iis in the condition (financially or household wise) to keep the children, b/c of paying CS

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I do not want my sistrs separated....I want them to live with me! I am a good person with no legal troubles and a decent background/lifestyle so I feel morally obligated.....I worry about them day and night but the father has a high standing and has been abusing the courts systems with lawsuits out of retaliation for getting in trouble for his actions. WHAT DO I DO? CAN I REMAIN ANONYMOUS?

The father is very intimidating and has also held a gun to his head in front of one of his ex-wives...I beleive he is mentally unstable and a sexual addict out of control ( documents with him exposing himself on multiple internet sites) and has a control and woman issue...should NOT be raising girls and I have heard fro one of the girls that his new live-in girlfriend uses her own mentally cruel actions too.....(forcing them to call her mom, talking to them in mean ways, etc) She has a long track record in the courts too.....please advise me I am so very worried as he is attempting to alienate them from us....

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  1. Madonna M Finney

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    Answered . Yes, a person can adopt their own siblings. Because they are your siblings, it would be considered a relative adoption. You would, however, need to terminate their parents parental rights. That means their mother and their father, assuming he fits into a category of man whose consent is required. If you believe they are in danger, you should seriously consider calling the Florida Abuse Hotline, 1-800-96-ABUSE

    Madonna M. Finney
    Florida Board Certified Adoption Lawyer
    Tallahassee, FL

  2. Brent Allan Rose

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    Answered . Yes, you can adopt your siblings, but you need to call CPS immediately.

    The contents of this answer should be considered friendly advice, not legal advice (I'm a pretty friendly guy),... more

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