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Can you press charges on a minor that assaulted my son?

Bay City, TX |

Another student of the same age was verbally bullying my son in gym class, threw a ball at him to hit him so my son threw it back, then the other student punched him in the face, then coaches interviened. So can I press assault charges in the other student?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. There may be legal grounds for charges to be filed. Only your local prosecutor has the authority to file a case (no private attorney can prosecute a criminal charge) and usually the conduit to get to the State is through the police department. If you choose to follow up, they are the first people i would call, followed by the local prosecutor (District or State's Attorney) if you get no satisfaction from the police.

    John Yetter

  2. There was a crime committed at the school campus thus the school or local police should be involved. I would talk to the principal about this matter and tell them that you want charges filed. The police should be called. If not, you call them yourself. (At a minimum, the assaulting student should be sent to alternative school, away from your child, and kept out of your child's classes for the remainder of the year.)

    Cynthia Henley