Can witnesses testimony be valid if ....

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Can witnesses testimony be valid if witness has been seen by the accused before the court trial that is before it got to actual court matter and intimated by to say at court in the favor of it, from a side of the one is prosecuting acussed one (or even by a close relation to the person accussing).
Is anyway someone going to listen to the acussed since acussed has to defend him/her self after it declared some sort of immunity/incrimination against him/her self?
relying to the fact that acussed did not knew of or at that time that it would be such a witness at the following trial to testify ?

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  1. Craig S Orent


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    Answered . Your questions are unclear. You may want to repost the questions with more clarity.

  2. David Kephart

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    Answered . ?

    Attorney David Kephart is an experienced Criminal Defense Trial Attorney and Jury Consultant. He is the recipient... more
  3. Joseph A Lo Piccolo

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    Answered . Huh...this is too confusing to follow.

    I am a criminal defense attorney practicing in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City. The above information is not a... more
  4. Paul E Knost

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    Answered . In general, a witness is always subject to cross-examination. That is where the accused's lawyer will ask the witness questions designed to expose the unreliability of the witness' testimony.

    Whether the testimony is "valid" will be decided by the jury.

    This is just a general comment on witness testimony, which is a vast and nuanced topic. I agree with my colleagues that your question is not very clear. You might consider a consultation with a lawyer.

    God bless!


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