Can we move to Atlanta Ga?

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My husband is currently serving time as a sex offender in PA. We couldn't afford a lawyer so we took a plea. He was given a 3 to 6 year sentence. He was also not labeled as a sexual predator. The crime was to have taken place 9 years ago. We have a total of 6 children and are looking to rebuild our family when he is released from prison. Also when the crime was to have taken place, he was a minor, and he is now 26 and was just charged with the crime. Where can we move and what job can he get??

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* he was not labeled as a sexual violent predator. he also saw a psychologist who advised he didn't have the character traits of a sexual predator.

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    Answered . He will likely have to register in Georgia as a sex offender and be placed on the registry. Because portions of Atlanta can be densely populated, people on the sex offender registry in the Atlanta area sometimes have trouble finding a place sufficiently away from parks, pools, school bus stops, churches, etc. Their living options are limited:
    Read this:,2933,556300,00.html

    and this:

    You may want to consider an area with low density so you don't run into this problem.

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    Answered . He *can* move to Atlanta, if his probation officer and other officials with say-so permit.

    However, he doesn't have much choice in *where* he is able to live and work once he's there. The relevant statuts is Section 42-1-15,of the Official Code of Georgia. Avvo doesn't really allow enough space to reprint it here, but suffice to say it is a pretty long and detailed statute, and it severely restricts the abilities of a person convicted of a sexual offense on where they can both live and work. My website is and I recommend that you take a look there, and also at the website for sex offender issues, to learn more about this.

    Good luck to you both - it is the modern-day equivalent of the Scarlet Letter.

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