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Can we make our Landlord pay for repairs

Lawrenceville, IL |

This winter our pipes have busted 3 times.
One side of our Living room has been with out electrity because its an add on to the trailer that was added on before we moved in so its contacted to a box outside that went out Our landlord has known about the Elect problem for months has ever time he says he will call some one to come in they never do. We called him about the pipes the first time the people he sent in just put sealent on them. The 2nd time we called they told us what he said to do but the pipes need to be replaced. This 3rd time we called in a person to do the job because all the people our landlord wants to call will not do the job right They put the sealent on and leave the broken pipe on The guy we called replaced the pipes and fixed the Elect problem

About our Lesse: We signed a 1 year Lesse in 2005. In 2006 our landlords wife decied it was to much work to do a new one. So she say because we showed we would pay on time ever month we would go to month to month and treat it as if the orignal lesse was in effect but it turns out she never turn the orignal one into the court house. So for 2006 to Now we been on a Month to Month bases The orignal Lease said that the landlord would be responcable for repairs damages not caused by us. Before any one says we should just move. We have looked But with the fact ever one in the house is either on SSI or SSD and we have 3 Cats And all the places around us want over 500 to 600 for 2 bedrooms and we need 3 because there are 4 of us Me, My brother and My parents

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Your landlord has a duty to make sure that your home is livable, that the conditions of the home are not a threat to the safety and health of the tenants and that the home complies with the housing code.

Call the local building inspector, and ask for an inspection. Also ask for a copy of the inspection report for your records.

The building inspector will tell the landlord to make the necessary repairs to fix the problem. If the landlord continues to refuse to make the repairs, let the building inspector know that the landlord will not make the repairs. The building inspector will demand that the landlord make the necessary repairs.

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Despite the lease not being renewed in writing, the landlord is still likely to have a duty to repair this problem. There is likely a local ordinance dealing with it. If not, there is a general duty to keep the premises habitable. Yes, call the building inspector, as suggested. But also consider asking an attorney to write a demand letter to the landlord. Probably won't cost too much, and may get some action out of the owner.

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