Can we go to any one of Taxpayer Assistance Center Locations Where In-Person Document Verification is Provided (out of our state

I'm on h4. I'M from Dublin OH. I need to apply for ITIN . As i'm not in a position to sent original passport & visa, I would like to go Taxpayer Assistance Center Locations Where In-Person Document Verification is Provided. In the following link i saw that Effective January 31, 2013 Participating TAC locations will begin verifying passports and national ID cards for Individual ITIN Applications. But I could not found any place of ohio is in the Participating TAC locations list of irs website in the following link but near to ohio one of the location is indianapolis in indiana state. so can i go there for In -person verification

Dublin, OH -

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Attorney Answers (3)

Karen-Lee Pollak

Karen-Lee Pollak

Immigration Attorney - Dallas, TX

You should talk to a tax attorney ot determine the requirements.

Carlos E Sandoval

Carlos E Sandoval

Immigration Attorney - Hollywood, FL

I agree with my colleage. This question is more for a tax lawyer or accountant.

Theodore John Murphy

Theodore John Murphy

Immigration Attorney - West Chester, PA

You may want to consult with a tax attorney.

The answer provided here is general in nature and does not take into account other factors that may need to be... more

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