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Can we adopt a child with my husband's criminal record?

Buffalo, MN |

he has two assaults from many years ago before we met. Is this going to kill our chances of adoption? He had a vasectomy when he turned 25 and we can't afford to pay $20,000 out of pocket (military healthcare will not pay for IVF) for each cycle.

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It depends on a number of issues - if the court will permit an aodption to proceed, Seek legal advice in MN. Here are some of the factos that will impact your potential aodption.

1. How old was your husband when he committed those crimes?
2. How long ago did these crimes occur?
3. What factors in your husband's life can you point to, to show he is different/rehabilitated now, versus when these crimes occurred.
4. Does your state have a specific adoption laws that prohibit an adoption for someone who has a record of these crimes -- don't know about MN, but one state will not allow someone charged with an aggravated felony to adopt - only one state and the law is weird.

So the answer is maybe. Get the paperwork from the court - charging order, judgment of the court and the disposition of the case. when you have your appointment with a MN attorney - take those documents with you.

Good Luck

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