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Can two married felons live together if one is on house arrest?

Saginaw, MI |
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they were married after they were charged but before they were sentenced, he has a drug charge and is supposed to be released on house arrest, she was charged with harboring felons (4th offense) and hasnt been sentenced yet but has agreed to a plea with 6 months of ems wich is house arrest but she will be able to go to work while he is strictly on house arrest and cannot leave. they will both be on probation afterwards. can they live together because they are married or not because she was hiding him and could do it again?

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Standard probation terms state that a felon cannot associate with other known felons. The marriage status probably trumps the probation or conditional release requirement.

Much of whether or not they are allowed to live together will be the decision of each spouse's probation agent. If the probation agent says that they cannot live together and they do -- they will violate their probation terms and its back into jail or prison.

Whether the marriage status trumps the court term is a question that you will likely have to pay an attorney to research and answer. There may also be some federal law on this issue.

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