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Can this be consider scam?

Garden Grove, CA |
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i was trying to seek an attorney around me area for my case and when i call them i dont want to give out my real name to i told them a fake name to discuss about the problem with them, can that be consider scam or anything? since i dont want to give out my personal info yet.

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    I disagree here. If a potential client wants to give a fake name at the consultation stage that is their choice. In Europe and elsewhere they do have KYE (Know Your Client) laws requiring positive ID and they also have watered down confidentiality rules. I can think of many legitimate reasons why someone may not want to release their name.

    This is not legal advice but a general comment on society. International Law 24/7 hotline +1-202-318-2406 - Dr. Jonathan Levy, PhD calls or emails usually returned within 24 hours.

  2. I don't understand why you don't want to use your real name. Perhaps you should simply disclose to the attorney the fact that you'd rather not identify yourself, instead of using a fake name. Anyway, if you are disclosing the facts of your case to attorneys on the phone, those facts will be considered client confidences. I really encourage you to discuss your confidentiality concerns with counsel as part of these initial conversations, let the lawyer explain how your conversation will be protected from further disclosure and refrain from using a fake identity.

  3. Attorneys are required by law to keep all information about clients and potential clients confidential. I don't know why you are reluctant to give you real name to prospective attorneys, but lying about your name is not a scam. A scam is a deliberate attempt to take advantage of others.

    One consequence of lying about your name is that when you find an attorney you like, he or she may not be willing to accept you as a client because of your lie. This would probably send up a red flag that the potential client may be extraordinarily secretive and difficult to work with. Of course, I don't know our legal issue so perhaps it makes sense under your circumstances. However, even assuming it is a criminal case, no attorney wants a client who is unnecessarily hard to work with. *** All legal actions have time limits, called statutes of limitation. If you miss the deadline for filing your claim, you will lose the opportunity to pursue your case. Please consult with an experienced employment attorney as soon as possible to better preserve your rights. *** Marilynn Mika Spencer provides information on Avvo as a service to the public, primarily when general information may be of assistance. Avvo is not an appropriate forum for an in-depth response or a detailed analysis. These comments are for information only and should not be considered legal advice. Legal advice must pertain to specific, detailed facts. No attorney-client relationship is created based on this information exchange. *** Marilynn Mika Spencer is licensed to practice law before all state and federal courts in California, and can appear before administrative agencies throughout the country. She is eligible to represent clients in other states on a pro hac vice basis. ***

  4. Both my colleagues give good and correct answers.
    If someone did that with me, I would decline to take them on as a client.

    The above is general legal and business analysis. It is not "legal advice" but analysis, and different lawyers may analyse this matter differently, especially if there are additional facts not reflected in the question. I am not your attorney until retained by a written retainer agreement signed by both of us. I am only licensed in California. See also terms and conditions item 9, incorporated as if it was reprinted here.

  5. I would find a client's use of a fake name to me upsetting for two reasons. First, it would prevent me from checking whether I had a conflict with this particular person. In addition, it would suggest that the client did not trust me.

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