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Can they keep your tax refund if you have a judgement against you

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can they keep your tax refund if you have a judgement against you

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It depends on who "they" are nd what they do to secure the taxx refund, but yes, generally a judgment holder could attach a tax refund, but it is very uncommon.

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If you have a judgment against you its time to consider bankruptcy and go meet with a bankruptcy attorney to see what your options are. You do not want to have to worry all the time if your taxes are going to be seized, or a bank account, or worse yet your paycheck garnished. Take some action to resolve your financial situation as it will give you some final relief.

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If you are talking about a creditor garnishing a tax refund, the answer is generally a state tax refund can be garnished by a creditor, but not a federal refund. However, there are two exceptions. A federal tax debt may result in a refund being seized by the IRS and applied to the debt, and unpaid child support may result in a garnishment by the friend of the court to pay the child support.

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