Can they garnish or freeze my bank account and garnish my wages, too?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Pueblo, CO

I've already talked to a lawyer about a bankruptcy but have not filed.

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  1. Answered . Yes, if a creditor has already obtained a judgment against you they can garnish wages or bank accounts or both of those things. I would go back to the lawyer ASAP and begin working toward filing your bankruptcy case.

  2. Answered . Yes, they can. Although, if they garnish your wages first and then hit the bank account you may have an argument that the remaining funds in the bank account are exempt. However, you will have to make this argument in court after the funds are frozen.

    You can reach Harkess & Salter LLC at (303) 531-5380 or Stephen Harkess is an attorney... more
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    Answered . Yes, as a general rule a judgment creditor can garnish bank accounts and wages simultaneously.

    Be aware that the clock is running. If a creditor has obtained judgment against you, the problem will not go away by itself. It is past time to get serious about bankruptcy.

    Best wishes for an outcome you can accept, and please remember to designate a best answer.

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  4. Answered . Who are they? Do you think we are mindreaders? Please provide some context. Hope this perspective helps!

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