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Can they garnish my wages for a charge off of a credit card account? Can they put a lien on my property?

Holly Springs, NC |

If I am served a subpoena to go to court on a credit card debt should I get a lawyer? Can they garnish my wages? can they put a lien on my property?

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The answer is state specific, so you really need to contact an attorney in North Carolina, to be certain. I'd recommend a member attorney from , if a bankruptcy is ultimately indicated. In CA, the answer would be yes, you can be sued and a judgment taken, and then attempts to garnish wages and put a lien against property, all of these would be proper. The answer on whether to obtain a lawyer to defend the lawsuit depends on your defense(s) if any, including the affirmative defense of statute of limitations, if applicable. So, I guess my answer is yes, I'd seek an attorney out for determining whether to defend the lawsuit, should it be appropriate to do so in NC.

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