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Can the village of Riverside IL, cook county. charge for past due vehicle sticker fees and penalties without notification.sp

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The village of Riverside, Il. in cook county has a village wide past due "Vehical Sticker Enforcement Effort" . They are chargeing owners of vehicles that have not been stickered with past fees and assessing a $10.00 a month penaltie starting from 2006-2010. At no time were the residents notified that they were in violation and that fees were being assessed against them. The average fee with penelties is $660.00.
When the village was called, in response thay stated that they put a notice of "vehicle Sticker Amnesty" in the water bill and a note in the local paper. Stating this was sufficient notification. In my case I rent and do not get a water bill. Have they met their responsibility? Do I have to pay all these fees? Is there any recourse?

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Yes, the Village of Riverside and hundreds of other Illinois muncipalities are actively going after deadbeats on old violation fees that have gone uncollected. The reason? Taxpayers are insisting that the government not raise taxes until all avenues of revenue collection have been exhausted. Your village and many many others collectively have millions of dollars available in "past fees" as you call them.

You did not take advantage of the vehicle sticker amnesty, (newspaper notice is constitutional in Illinois so indeed you were "notified" under the law) so you owe.

While you may feel in the minority on this one, the majority of taxpayers are pleased that government officials are finally cracking down on the scofflaws that have been a drain on dwindling municipal resources all these many years.

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A proper notice is served on the residents via a publication thus making it a relatively cheap, quick and expansive mean to notify the residents of the past due unpaid fines, levies or stickers.
On another note, I am personally pressed to understand that one would not be on notice constructively when using her own car with an expired sticker clearly displayed in the windshield, therefore, you are responsible for the fine as assessed.


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