Can the police do a felony stop without a warrant for your arrest??

Asked over 2 years ago - Seattle, WA

Accusations of Identity theft and fraud were made. They raid the home of the accused and find laminate paper and financial documents. Can they legally do a felony stop if the reasons for arrest were identity theft and forgery?? No warrant for their arrest, just probable cause. is this legal??

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  1. Edward J. Dyer

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    Answered . I think your question is something to the effect - without a warrant for arrest, based solely on the evidence found at the house with a warrant - can police hunt down and arrest someone connected with the home and the documents?

    The answer is yes. Yes they can. Typically they should get the arrest warrant before doing so, but sometimes things move too quickly. If a person is arrested without an arrest warrant, there has to be a hearing within 48 hours after the arrest. This hearing is ONLY for the purpose of having the judge rule that probable cause existed at the time of arrest, for arrest. This hearing after the fact, takes the place of the arrest warrant in advance.

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  2. Teresa Lynn Border

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    Answered . In Washington, a stop and an arrest can occur if there is probable cause to believe a felony has been committed by the person being stopped. I suggest you retain a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. There may be other legal issues that need to be addressed, such as what the basis was for the raid of the home.

  3. Robert David Richman

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    Answered . I am not sure what you mean by a felony stop, but they can make an arrest without an arrest warrant if they have probable cause to believe that the person committed a crime.

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  4. Benjamin J Lieberman

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    Answered . I have no idea what a felony stop is but if a law enforcement officer has probably cause that a crime was committed s/he can make an arrest. Having said that, a search warrant would be needed to "raid" a home. Without a search warrant the police would need an arrest warrant to make an arrest of someone in their own home. The accused should certainly get him/herself an attorney ASAP.

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