Can the mother completely take away baby from his father?

Wedlock. Mother does not want the father involved with the child at all but father has no ciminal history and only wants visitation. Father is in process of getting an attorny. Mother is using social sites to find any kind of dirt to prove he is not fit to see his child.

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David Brent Cox

David Brent Cox

Criminal Defense Attorney - Lexington, KY

You need to consult an attorney in your area who has experience with custody issues. Generally, a judge will decide custody and timesharing based on what is in the child's best interest. This is a situation where one should definitely get legal representation. Custody and timeshare issues can get very "ugly" very quickly.

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Nicole Prebeck

Nicole Prebeck

Child Custody Lawyer - Lexington, KY

I would agree with Mr. Cox that there are a number of factors a judge is to consider when talking about custody and time the child spends with both parents. Having an attorney to guide the mother through all of this would be a very good idea and strongly encouraged. While none of us can give specific advice, in general it is difficult to cut a parent completely out of a child's life. Even persons who use drugs may still see their kids--it's usually in a supervised capacity, but as a parent, one has significant rights to see their children as long as it's in the child's best interest and done in a safe manner.

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