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Can the judge give me following items if he keeping the value of the house and pretty much everthing in it

i just want my baby bed, entertainment center, dining room table and there are 2 of them, and his 401 k, he can keep everything else, he got two beds, and everything in there, can the judge give me the following items because he doesn't want to give me nothing. im a single mom and my 401 is only 588

Dallas, TX -

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Attorney Answers (3)

Mark Anthony Cohan

Mark Anthony Cohan

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Dallas, TX

In any divorce, a judge will attempt to make a just and fair division of property if the divorce is contested. Depending on how contentious your divorce is, you may need to file an inventory and appraisal and then a proposed property division. These things do get pretty complicated and I'd strongly recommend you consult a local attorney.

Bruce E. Burdick

Bruce E. Burdick

Intellectual Property Law Attorney - Alton, IL

The division of property is discretionary with the judge in a family law court. This question deals with property but not intellectual property. Unless you are an inventor or business owner.

I am not your lawyer and you are not my client. Free advice here is without recourse and any reliance thereupon is... more
Jake Aryeh Marcus

Jake Aryeh Marcus

Business Attorney - Jenkintown, PA

This is not an intellectual property question.

I am an attorney in Pennsylvania but I am not currently *your* attorney. Nothing in my communication should be... more

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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