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Can the Internet Search Engines Legally display your arrest record when searching your name?

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I have had a dismissed misdemeanor several years ago..... I was shocked to find out my arrest record was on the Internet for Public display when searching my name. My Lawyer and myself were told by the Public Clerk's Office, after the dismissal, that the case will be "buried" within the court system and would not be available for public display. "That if legally one would like any information on this case, they would have to come to the court and request this information." I know this was exactly what was told to us because my Lawyer had a " copy " of the court order for dismissal and he wrote his words down and gave me the copy...So I would understand what had transpired. I have a copy of this court order. If you could clarify this for me I would much appreciate it. Thanks

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What you see on the internet is your arrest record. Websites like usually post arrest records within days of someone being arrested. Of course, just because you were arrested, does not mean you are guilty. Depending on your state, you can expunge your arrest record as well as your criminal record. Hope this helps.

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I understand that my arrest record was publicly posted on the internet. My question is ....Is it legal that they can post this information on the Internet. My court order states that my case was " Dismissed and Vacated In the Interest of Justice". The reason for the Dismissed and Vacated Case was because it was found out that the accusations against me were false. In this case I don't see how they can legally post this information on the Internet. What shows up on the Internet are the charges, the date of these charges, the outcome of the case and that is was dismissed. Thank You

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