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Can the father of my child get 50 50 placement?

Milwaukee, WI |

I live in Wisconsin. Me and the father of my child had live together and raised our child since he was born. He has been supportive and is a great father. My son is 6 now. We broke up and I moved with my parents. He wants 50 50 placement but I do not agree because I am looking for my sons stability. I told him he can see him whenever he likes and the child can stay weekends with him. But I wanted my son to have a primary household where he sleeps during weekdays (school days). We live about 2 miles apart. I also told him I was willing to work out a schedule. Sun through Tue and rotating Saturdays. Would that be considered 50 50? Is he likely to get the 50 50 placement?

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  1. It certainly is possible that the court would award shared placement (50/50). However, it is not possible to predict how the case will turn out based upon the information given so far. The factors that the court will take into account in deciding placement are: (1) the nature of the relationship the parent has with the child; (2) whether the parents can work together on parenting issues; (3) whether the parents live in proximity to each other; and, (4) the plans each parent has for day-care, schooling, etc.

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  2. Depending on the overnights or equivalent overnights, it may be 50-50. It appears to be less based on the wording of the question. I believe Dad has a good likelihood of receiving 50-50

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