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Can the director of an independent seniors home dismiss private paid caregivers and threaten to charge them with trespass?

Grants Pass, OR |
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I do private contract domestic assistance in a senior retirement home as a vender. The director that runs the independent retirement home is telling me that my company can not come and see clients that pay for our services and we are not to return to the facility. This is an independent facility and only 1 time a week housekeeping and meals no personal care. No crime has been committed against any client. Management is mad as I place a report with adult protective services to protect on of the clients. The staff are mandatory reporters. I reported first to them after 4 days no action I called in the report. The following Monday I was given paperwork revoking my privilege to work in the facility

If the Senior has no special clause concerning visitors except the resident is responsible for their guests in their rental contract. Do they have the right to hire their own assistance/ have their vistors?

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  1. First of all, do not post anymore facts about this situation, we never know if the police or prosecutors are watching. Secondly, you need to speak with an attorney immediately so that you can protect yourself. An attorney could help keep the police from being called at all, and/or lessen what happens when they are called. From what you have said, you have currently done nothing wrong, but we always have to be careful. Good luck.

  2. Yes, they can. It's a private facility; they can decide who they admit. Whether your client can compel them to admit you will depend on the terms of the contract between the facility management and him or her.

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  3. I know you are not an employee of the home but I do see some issues that arise with regards to whistle blowing and employment law. You may want to re-post this question over there and see if you get any responses. Good luck to you.