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Can't get a license because of epilepsy. I got in an accident with no license no insurance.

Gulfport, MS |

Would like to know the likely hood of going to jail . This is my second offense. If I go to jail I lose my health insurance and wouldn't be able to afford doctor visits .

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It is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation regarding this question and do not discuss it further in public, even anonymously on Avvo.

If this is your "second offense," the Court's orders - if any - regarding your first "offense" are extremely important, as are the laws and regulations in your state.

You simply cannot drive without a license and insurance. Really. I know it's a headache, really, but medical driving restrictions are extremely serious. They are generally put in place so that innocent people and you do not die.

The answer above is not legal advice, and I'm not your lawyer. At best, it's a hint in the right direction. Reliable legal advice comes from an attorney licensed in your state who has all the necessary information and time to form an opinion, and that usually requires an in-person consultation, which you can often obtain for free with no obligation. Don't be shy - attorneys are people, too - call one.

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Your criminal defense attorney will be in the best position to advise you about the prospects of jail. You need to stop driving a car if you are not able to get a license.

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