Can storage unit charge us $500.00 to move other crates to get access to our crates?

We have taken over the payment of our deceased mother's 4 crates and some furniture in storage at a warehouse. When we asked to see our property, we were billed $500.00 from the owner to have the other customers crates moved so that they could get to our crates and furniture. There was at no time an agreement to be charged that much to see my property that I pay $300 per month to store.

Acton, CA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Sagar P. Parikh

Sagar P. Parikh

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Beverly Hills, CA

Depends on what your rental agreement states.

Brad S Kane

Brad S Kane

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Los Angeles, CA

If it was not in your agreement, then you should not be charged for it.

As a practical matter, you should ask the storage company in writing to ex

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