Can something be done concerning a doctor who doesn't treat you for a medical issue in a timely manner?

I was diagnosed with H.plori infection in my small intestines around the end of January. My primary care doctor had test results for this problem at the end of October. I was treated by a specialist after he did a biopsy on my stomach lining. This procedure was done in January. is there something I can do concerning my primary doctor? You see i was also diagnosed with a thyroid problem as well. When I explained the symptoms to him he didn't do a complete thyroid screening. I also saw a specialist about that.

Columbia, MD -

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Christian K. Lassen II

Christian K. Lassen II

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

The cost of a malpractice lawsuit would likely far exceed any recovery, however, call a local malpractice lawyer nonetheless.

Elizabeth Taylor Herd

Elizabeth Taylor Herd

Medical Malpractice Attorney - Tampa, FL

I am not licensed in your state. However, you will have to prove through expert testimony that you suffered physical damages as a result of the delay. Make sure that you seek treatment for your condition and then let a lawyer evaluate your claim. Specifically talk to your doctors about how your conditioned was worsened by the delay.

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