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Can someone press charges on theft without proof?

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I have been in the healthcare field for several years now and never have I been accused of theft, misconduct, or suspicious behavior. I had this one res Darren. He and I became close, we would talk about religion, family, things of the past. I found out he did not have family and he asked me to get him things from the store. I would get him cases of pop, candy, paper, etc. During this time I had been let go from my job and before I had the chance to tell him, the Admin called me and told me to bring in his items to which i did and she threatened me stating she was calling the police, then retracted her statement saying she would have him call the police. I would like to know if she could get in trouble for slander or coercion? My professional license is at stake!

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If you're saying that the allegation is that you stole the items from the store and its a false allegation you might have a case of slander if there was no reasonable basis for her to make the statement (if she did) or was it simply implied? The other issue is did she state it only to you or to others and next generally under law , what are your damages/ Did the statement or implication prevent you from getting a new job? Is it on your personnel record? There is so much more info needed to make a good appraisal of this issue. If you applied for unemployment did the employer oppose it and on what basis? I don't believe coercion has anything to do with the facts here unless you're stating that she coerced the res to make a statement against you, if so who did he make it to and how can you prove she coerced him and did any statement he made have an adverse effect upon you. I am surmising some of the potential issues I think you are trying to raise. More specific info is needed.

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Jerome L. Ezell

Jerome L. Ezell


When you say can someone press charges , we generally think of a prosecutor filing criminal charges which you fail to state occurred. Anyone can make a statement and many statements are privileged if there are reasonable grounds to make the statement even if it is wrong and there generally is not a cause of action unless it can not be proven unless the statement was made with reckless disregard for the truth (under certain circumstances) .

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