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Can someone please explain what this Case was about McCormick v. Carrier, 487 Mich 2186; 79 NW2d 517 Please I would like to know

Dearborn Heights, MI |

How this changed serious impariment Thankyou

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  1. What law school are you going to? You have all the information right there in your hands (McCormick v. Carrier, 487 Mich 2186; 79 NW2d 517). It has to do with the new "threshhold" for injuries under the Michigan No-Fault Act but you really need to read it as it compares the new rule to the old rule. Good luck in class!

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  2. You may want to read the case a few times, and each time you read it, things will become clearer. Good luck with law school.

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  3. I have an analysis of McCormick v. Carrier and how it is different from Michigan's older and more draconian injury threshold law on my website:
    I also have seminar materials from my presentations to the MAJ and State Bar Negligence Section on our website.