Can someone help me understand if there is anything I can do about bullying in the workplace?

I quit my job last year because the administration was playing favorites, bullying my supervisor & co-workers into quitting, lying to others saying they were fired when they quit, lying & forcing people to believe lies about why someone quit while cornering them when no witnesses are present & refuse to discuss further, lied about work performance of people, setting workers up to intentionally get them written up. I dreaded going to work fearing I could get fired even though I'd done nothing but do my job, I hadn't slept well, I got depressed, anxious, hardly ate, & it made focusing on doing my job at all extremely difficult, and I wanted to. I took pride in my work & couldn't bring myself to do substandard work that they asked when I was used to doing the best I could.

Basehor, KS -

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Robert C. Gigstad

Robert C. Gigstad

DUI / DWI Attorney - Overland Park, KS

You need to speak with an Employment Lawyer.

John Paul Thygerson

John Paul Thygerson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Norwalk, CT

You should repost this question under employment law not domestic violence.

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