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Can someone get a restraining order but never complain?

Chicago, IL |

Can someone file a restraining order against you but never have asked you to stop talking to them (all communication is through email) and had intentionally done things to provoke you to respond negatively (multiple emails because of an anxiety disorder) but you have never threatened to physically hurt them or anything? What are their grounds?

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Yes, a person can seek such an order without asking you to stop certain conduct, That does not mean that person will get the order. Have you been served an order of protection or a restraining order? If so, you need an artorney. If not, just stay away from/ignore that person and do not allow the person to provoke you.



I haven't, she told this to my friend. This is the same person who took a lot of money from him and did nothing of what she promised. She has been using his disability for her gain. I don't know what you do exactly if you feel you may be helpful to my friend?


There is no legal requirement that a request to stop contact be made prior to obtaining an order of protection. If someone has filed a petition against you, you should retain an attorney to handle the case, as having such an order against you can seriously affect employment and other important aspects of your life. Most of us provide free consultations.



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