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Can someone file a motion to set aside a slow pay order?

Lebanon, TN |

Okay, here's the dilemma. I owe ex spouse $5,913 in attorney fees for a judgement. Ex spouse has not been reimbursing me back for our son's copays each month. He has already stated in small claims he is using the copays to offset the difference I owe him in attorney fees. I have already paid $2,445 of the fees through a garnishment and he is currently behind $2,563 in medical copays for the last year and two months. I am now ordered to pay him $300 a month because the court would not listen to the copayment issue in the slow pay. I have filed my own petition concerning the copays and evidence that supports he was using copays for his attorney fees. Is this legal? Parenting plan is a separate court order he's gone against for the purpose of his fees. Any advice here would be appreciated.

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Clarify your phrase "court would not listen to the copayment issue in the slow pay"

That is critical

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Judge would not listen to the fact ex took copays he was to reimburse. Letters by ex indicate he was not paying copays to collect his attorney fees. Judge by passed this to just take care of what I owe in the slow pay. Very interesting!!

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