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Can someone explain AR to me? (CT)

Torrington, CT |

Well, the story is this. Early in the year woman accused me of sexual misconduct. 8 months later they arrested her for false statement. Now, after she got arrested I pretty much washed my hands of the thing because I was told I wouldn't be needed for anything. Well, I was told by someone who is close to her that she applied or was given AR. I vaguely understand what it is - but my question is "Can I just forget about this whole matter since it doesnt have to do with me anymore?"

Thank you for the answers. I called victims advocate and they told me that she applied for it and I should be getting a letter in the mail about it. So I'll wait for it and see what it says. I know she has court in January so from my understanding I just have to let them know how I feel about the AR idea. Honestly, this has been going on so long and I just want to finish it and walk away.

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Accelerated rehabilitation, A.R., is a pre-trial diversionary program that can be applied for by persons charged with less-serious crimes who have not previously been convicted of a crime. In short, if the defendant is admitted to the program the court (judge) will place the defendant on a period of probation (up to two years). if the defendant does not re-offend during the probationary period the charge(s) will be dismissed. A.R. can only be used once.

If she applied or applies for the program she will be required to serve you with notice. Generally it should arrive by certified mail. You have the right to appear in court and tell the judge whether or not you you agree to the program. However, you do not have to appear in court and simply walk away.

Now, you may have civil recourse if this person lied about you resulting in your arrest. You may want to consult with a civil attorney.

This answer must be construed as commenting on general legal principles only. No attorney client relationship results. Please consult a qualified attorney to review the facts of your case.


In a manner of speaking you may. AR is a pretrial diversionary program for people without a record. You should have been notified that she was applying for the program and you could've been heard by the judge prior to her being granted the program. If she stays out of trouble she will get a dismissal alter on in a year or two. If she gets into trouble again then she can be prosecuted again. But for all intents and purposes you can move on from this episode.

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as to whether or not you can forget about the whole matter, it seems like you can. AR or accelerated rehabilitation is a pretrial program whereby the defendant, if eligible, is placed on probation. if the defendant successfully completes the program, then the charges are dismissed. Victims are permitted to speak to the court as to whether or not they agree with giving the defendant AR. If you do not want to or do not need to be heard, then you do not have to show up. If you would like the Court to consider a possible condition to the defendant's probation, then I would contact the prosecutor in charge of the case to see if that is possible.

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