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Can somebody help me asap please

Ahoskie, NC |

I pressed charges on my boyfriend it was assault on a female but i do not wish to persue with the charges i have to go to court tuesday because i was served a subpeno ... his bond 4 the charge is us currency $2000 .. how can i get us out of this everything was just a misunderstanding i was mad and stressed i just want to get it dropped an let us move on with our lives this is too much on me to deal with while im pregnant please help me i need answers quick.

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Only the State can drop charges. The fact that yiou are preganant is an aggravating circumstance if you were pregnant at the time of the offense. You can explain your reasons to the State as to why you feel you want them to drop charges but it is completely up to them.

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I was told i could talk to the district attorney an they could drop it but i might have to pay a fee ... is that true?

Evan Mitchell Kleiman

Evan Mitchell Kleiman


Yes you may speak to the district attorney but they have the final and only say as to whether charges will be dropped. You cannot be charged a fee for that



Ok thank you im going to see what i can do.


You really have nothing you can do about it except speak with the DA in court and express your wishes. This is not your case; it is the State of NC vs your boyfriend. You don't get to drop it; it's not your choice. You need to obey the subpoena and show up in court as required. The police and courts are there to try to assure your safety. Please don't waste the time of the police or the court if you are not serious about the need to protect your safety. However, know that if your boyfriend deserved to be charged with assault and you succeed in having he DA drop the charges, you continue to put yourself and your pregnancy at risk.


Only a prosecutor can dismiss the charge. While the prosecutor will take your concerns into account, many people have been convicted of family violence despite the alleged victim's desires. You've done everything you can.

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