Can sect Family code 154.067( b) be used if paying parent is claiming financial hardship as means to reduce child support?

If he transferred an duplex in his name to an LLC (his, but I cant prove it right now. But assuming he is going to lie and say it isnt his), and I have certified copy of deed and transfer being done 2 days prior to day he filed for child support modification and requested visitation, could I present that as evidence to request court use it as deemed income under the authority of family code 154.067(b)? (Did I word that right?) What would be the relief for this, typically, if so?

San Fernando, CA -

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Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen

Family Law Attorney - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I am sorry but I can not find a family law code 154, 1540, or 10540. Are you sure you have the right number? I did not find anything under the evidence code either. But certified copies are evidence and you certainly can question him about it and look at the secretary of state for California and see if you can get more evidence as to who owns or controls the LLC

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James Louis Miller

James Louis Miller

Family Law Attorney - Fresno, CA

Family Code 154.067(b) does not exist. Repost with the proper statute so you can get an informed response.

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