Can requests for documents be broken down in several stages and addressed only to 1 or 2 defendants out of 5?

This is a federal default case - pyramid scheme and other fraud. Defendants are 3 individuals and 2 corporations. Def. have a mandated date to provide initial disclosures by end of Oct. Moreover, the settlement conference judge has a clause in standing orders that necessary discovery should be completed prior to settlement conference in Dec. I emailed the def. lawyer and asked to produce only a few documents including def. tax returns, income records, net worth and names of other victims. I am now working on an official request for documents. Can I limit it to my email request and make additional requests after the settlement conference if if it doesn't succeed? Can I send this request only to one defendant - the CEO of the company or the corporation itself? Are my requests valid?

San Francisco, CA -

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William Stanley Fitch

William Stanley Fitch

General Practice Lawyer - Chino Hills, CA

Not enough facts are provided for a reasoned response. Discovery, while served on all parties are only ever directed to a single party. Requests made by e-mail only will not be responded to and since there is no indication as to what your requests are there is no way to state whether or not they are valid.

A proper response would require a thorough investigation into the history and background of this relationship.... more

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