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Can public welfare refuse me assistance if I have fines from several years ago that went to collections?

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I have been on public assistance for over 3 years now. My wife was told today by her case worker that they reviewed me and I have a current bench warrant in Philadelphia County. I called them and they said it was lifted in March-2010. The other issue she told me wife is that I have fines and restitution fees that are unpaid in Montgomery County, PA. When I called the office there, they said those fines went into collections. The case worker also told me that I will not be able to get cash assistance, food stamps or medical assistance again because of this. I will also not be eligible for social security disability either. How is this possible when I have been receiving these benefits for over 3 years now? Is this legal?

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Your question of whether it is legal omits how or why you received DPW benefits beginning in 2010. It also conveniently omits setting forth the basis for the fines and restitution in either county. I would suggest you consult with an attorney in your area who handles DPW entitlement cases as the regulations as to eligibility change frequently.

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John Joseph Campbell

John Joseph Campbell


Agreed. And please be more forthcoming with the attorney you choose to consult than you have been here.