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Can police get copies of my bank statements?

Pittston, PA |

This is complicated, but I paid a bill with a check. The company says they didn't get it. I got a copy of the cashed check and gave them that copy as proof. Small town and there's a political feud going on. The secretary alleges I used the front of one check and the back of another and made them one check to get out of paying a $60.00 bill. I allege SHE used the front of my current check and the back of another one I had to give her because she again said she didn't get my check. She took the check she claims as bogus to the state police. Now they are charging me with forgery, tampering and theft of services. They have to prove I was the one who created the bogus check right? I can get my bank statement and check copy but can THEY get copies of my bank info?

I ask i they can get a copy of my bank statement or original cashed check because I received an award from worker's comp and have the $ in a money market fund. I don't want the secretary who is accusing me to see I got my settlement. She will tell some people we both know and I don't want them to know I got the settlement. People are laid off and ask for a loan and I say I don't have it because I don't want to loan it thinking they will not pay me back from previous experience. Thanks in advance

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The police can investigate your bank records to determine whether forgery, tampering and theft of services happened. So, yes, the police can access the original documents that pertain to your bank and bank accounts.

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You have been charged with criminal misconduct and could face prison time, fines and many other negative consquences if convicted. You need to hire a ciminal defense lawyer to defend you against these charges. If you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, you should contact the Luzerne County Bar Association and ask for a referral:

Don't try to handle this yourself. Moreover, don't have any further conversations with anyone other than your lawyer about this matter. Your statements could be used against you in court.

Finally, to answer your question, the police or district attorney can definitely obtain copies of your bank records.

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The "secretary" posted a similar question 3 days ago.

Either (a) the same author has written both questions, (b) Avvo is incredibly popular in your small town, or (c) an incredible coincidence has happened and you have now revealed to the the world that which you did not revealed, (the fact that you have the bank statement).

As to the merits of this question.... The police can get the bank statements. But, more importantly, if you have a copy: Why not just give it to them? This proves you are not guilty and you then save yourself, and the police, a hassle.


Yes, the police (or prosecutor) can get copies of your bank info but they may just ask specifically for the check that is in the dispute. You are facing criminal charges so you should immediately get a criminal law attorney to handle this for you. It may be only $60, but it also carries the risk of jail time.

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